It was one of the most hopeless period when I hiked to Nanhui twice. I failed to pass almost all the mocks in September, 2018. There were countless assignments and tests to be finished, crowded tutorial classes to be taken, and endless scoldings to be suffered from. National Day in 2018 thus was destined to be a hard one.
However, I was fortunately gifted with several short breaks at that time, one of which was spent in Pudong Airport.
Though located at the seaside, uninhabited and remote, Pudong Airport is among the largest airport in China Mainland. Highways are thronged with vehicles. Green Carriages of Metro Line 2 and the famous Maglevs in Shanghai occasionally rush past.

I have sincere affection for Pudong Airport. My 'first love' left for America for a short-term exchange program years ago. I couldn't see her off personally in Pudong Airport. Later in my senior school, I daydreamed for a long time that I can jump into a plane and escape from myself in the airport.
Night had felt. The giant-like streetlights had been lit. Its dazzling light went through the mist, adding illusion to the scene. Night in October in Shanghai shouldn't have been that cold. Trembling, I left the metro station, and arriving at the huge airport.
People were busy catching their own flights. I ordered a cup of coffee and sat there, watching the passengers. It was in a sudden that loneliness rose in my heart. I had nothing to chase, but daily routine to follow. I arrived at the airport, only to find that there was no proper flight for me. Maybe my situation was much worsen than Nora Helmer.