Lab Shirokuma: 开源基础设施建设

  • DELL R710
  • 2x X5660, DDR3 REG 32GB+(8GB)
  • 4x Seagate 2T 2x SAS 2T
  • Git 和开源镜像(计划在未来上架四平)

Bought two PCIe to NVME adapters, two 2T used SAS HDDs and one NGFF SATA SSD (128G, Hikivision C260N). Decided to move the TOSA activities to the reserved area for clubs in contact Bridge between Building B, C and F, aka 'Looking up to the Starry Sky'.
Mirroring Ubuntu, ArchLinux, Debian and CentOS is a must. But how to increase reliability and bandwith remains uncertain.
Systems: Ubuntu ArchLinux Debian CentOS macOS(homebrew) Windows(cygwin&msys) Rasp*
Not a must: ReactOS, Haiku, OpenIndiana, RISC OS, pfSense, tuhs, FreeBSD, pkgsrc, LFS



  • 目前在仰望星空暂存,计划以后迁移到教学区域。


  • 一堆电子元器件(除了电容啥都有),一块Orange Pi,一块Arduino
  • 一块 STM32 在路上